Royale Luncheonette

A ROyal restaurant With a flare for fine dining

25 Years

Providing the highest quality of food and service since 1934


The fine dining we have at Royale, makes the trip no matter how far, worth it. Our sauteed onions will simply have your mouth watering and thats exactly what we expect. The decor we designed leaves the Queen in awe and astonishment. We hold ourselves to a high standard and also all of you. Dress Code must be followed to a tee.

What Kinds Of Remodeling Are Available?

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To be frank, Fire Extinguisher Service Suffolk County provided us with all the safety equipment needed to ensure all our patrons will be able to have an amazing, safe, reliable experience. Stop by Royale Luncheonette to experience the pleasure that everyone else talks about! For a place that can provide food for a party in suffolk county, Catering Suffolk County NY may be your best option.

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